ONE-VIOS has been designed and developed as a final generation solution that will operate upon any existing Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”) platform.

A Strategic National Technology Platform

ONE-VIOS uses a sophisticated array of proprietary servers to create a Strategic National Technology Platform for countries wishing to reclaim their digital sovereignty. Scrubbed and normalised government databases are the first entrants onto this secure platform. These key components establish the definitive information (individual’s names, passport numbers, company names, addresses, etc.) used to authenticate entities (citizens, businesses, and organisations) into the secure clean space.

ONE-VIOS Authentication Model

Each government determines the authentication requirements for its citizens, businesses, and organisations. ONE-VIOS allocates one and only one universal ID for each entity. For citizens, it is used to uniquely identify them for all personal, business, and community activity. The permanence of these universal ID’s is critical to establishing trust within the system. Under ONE-VIOS, all entities are authenticated and accountable for their online actions. As citizens and businesses migrate to the new platform, they benefit from the expansion of this trusted digital ecosystem.

ONE-VIOS Proprietary User Interface

Citizens access the ONE-VIOS digital ecosystem through a secure proprietary user interface. This interface protects the digital ecosystem by insulating the device from external threats. The user interface is technology independent and provides a standardised access method for all interactions with the secure platform.

Reclaim Your Digital Sovereignty

ONE-VIOS was conceived with the audacious conviction that the Internet experience, designed properly, could be freed from the debilitating problems plaguing today’s World Wide Web. Fifteen years of rigorous research, development, testing, and re-development have resulted in a solution uniquely able to provide complete online security and privacy on a global scale. ONE-VIOS is now ready for commercialisation. It offers nations the opportunity to reclaim their digital sovereignty by creating a virtual country which reflects the laws of the land, interacts safely with existing applications and services, provides a cost-effective migration path, and operates on any technology platform.